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No Limits

A True Life Adventure
Forging a Limitless Legacy

Nick Haritatos


#1 International best Seller

No Limits

Nick’s Story is a Testament to Unwavering Determination

This remarkable memoir weaves 27 enthralling chapters, revealing 15 pillars of success that intertwine seamlessly.

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Interview with Nick Haritatos


The book describes the courage and conviction Nick Haritatos had throughout his life experiences and challenges. An interesting read, with thoughts and encouragement to others to reach for the sky. There are “no limits” to what one can do, if one makes the effort with determination. This book is a real life testament to this. A must read for young and old alike. Someone just starting off in life, can learn, and receive some nuggets of encouragement.

G. Johanson

Courage and Conviction

What an inspiring, true story. I would recommend this book to anyone starting out in business or taking a risk in life. It takes a lot of courage to always look forward, be positive and have no limits! Great read.

Anna K.

Must Read!

Amazing authors life story & his ability to overcome life’s challenges. His experiences in a real-world life and business setting across multiple continents & cultures. Very eye opening to what one can accomplish in life and business. Very recommended reading!!!!!


Very inspirational book of overcoming adversity and succeeding in business

Intriguing & inspiring true life story of a man who was determined to make it in spite all the challenges!
Very interesting & engaging, I highly recommend.

Vitti Baruch

Interesting and Inspiring!

I love the story its survival circumstances in a very different country’s environments Nick is a hero of its own life, business oriented person him self knows what to expect from the sources that his deal with, his actions drive him to a success!

Gerasimos P.

Remarkable Lifehood Story!

This is a fascinating and inspiring story of challenges and accomplishments on three continents. It is a book that will motivate and encourage young professionals to understand that anything is possible and there are no limits to what every person can achieve under any circumstances. I highly recommend this outstanding book!


Fascinating Story!